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Repair my credit

Repair My Credit
Repair any negative information on your credit report. If you owe a creditor and they have filed a negative credit report with the credit bureau, repay the creditor and ask the creditor to remove the negative credit report from your credit record. If a debt is legally owing, the debt must be paid or discharged before it can be removed from your credit report.

Pay off debt

Even if your credit report indicates that you have made all of your regular monthly payments, a potential lender may look unfavorably on high levels of debt. The solution is to pay off as much of your existing debt as possible before applying for a new loan.

We recommend that you pay off your highest interest debts first, so pay the 18% interest credit card off first, and then repay the 16% interest credit card.

The lower your debt, the easier it will be to obtain a loan. Your monthly budget should include specific repayment amounts for each of your debts.

Take other action

If you have more debt than you can possibly repay, your credit report will only improve by formally dealing with your debts. If you find yourself in this predicament please call a representative of Scott and Pichelli today for a free consultation.

Tips for maintaining a good credit record:


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